Gem Portfolio

Gemstones are rare and hold value over time

The value of gemstones lies in their beauty and rarity. They have been admired and collected since ancient times as a storehouse of great beauty and value.

Gems are uncorrelated to the markets and many gems have significantly outperformed the stock markets.

Hangartner invests in certain gems, being of the opinion that their value will rise.

The colorless Diamond market is going through big changes, the index has been declining for more than a decade.

Increasing, is the demand for rare Diamonds, these being, large Diamonds, fancy colored Diamonds and Diamonds with a provenance.

Rarity is key!

Colored gemstones are rare.

Add big country of origin names, and they are even more sought-after:
– Burmese Rubies
– Kashmir Sapphires
– Colombian Emeralds
– Brazilian Paraiba Tourmalines

In auction houses, important Gem Treasures have a proven track record of being the successful big ticket selling items. The market has seen prices rise continuously.

Gem Portfolio

Hangartner chooses to focus on the more recently discovered gems such as Paraiba Tourmalines, discovered in 1987 in Brazil. Since their discovery, prices have multiplied enormously.

The mines are practically depleted and if anything is still found, it is melee material – small stones of less than half a carat. Meanwhile, awareness and demand for these highly desirable Paraiba Tourmalines is continuously rising, as are the prices reached.

For select clients we create personalized Gem Portfolios, these being collections of gems owned by the clients. Gem Treasures bought as tangible assets with a focus on portfolio diversification and wealth preservation.

On behalf of Gem Portfolio clients, we search and find gems to match their profiles, desires and needs. Clients benefit from attractive prices. There is no annual evaluation.

If you are interested in building your Gem Portfolio, strategically, with a long-term approach, then we would love to help you!