Lagoon Tourmaline

Lagoon Tourmaline

The Lagoon Tourmaline, like the Paraiba is a member of the large and colorful Tourmaline family. Tourmalines may be found in all colors of the rainbow, but Lagoon Tourmalines are only seen in shades of blue and green with their own unique display of strikingly intense light to dark saturated colors. They differ from a Paraiba Tourmaline as they don’t contain copper, and as such have an altogether different feeling to their vibrancy. They appear to have a unique calm and gentle strength of presence.

Lagoon Tourmalines may be found in Northern Brazil, Mozambique, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Namibia. The discovery of large examples of these highly sought-after gems is rare. They are delightful treasures.


Interestingly, and just to confuse, if the color of one of these members of the Tourmaline family is more petrol or peacock blue, it will be referred to as Indicolite Tourmaline and if a certain green that is seen, then it will be simply called Green Tourmaline.

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