Mandarin Garnet

Mandarin Garnet

The Mandarin Garnet is a strikingly radiant orange gemstone and is a member of the Garnet family. This stunningly fiery gem was discovered near the Kunene River in Namibia in 1991. Its characteristics seem to reflect the bright orange-red glow of the evening sky and the extreme temperature from where it originates.


It appears that the heat and glow of its surroundings have been stored inside. It is mesmerizingly beautiful and unique, its colors speaking of joy and energy.

Supplies in Namibia were quickly exhausted, and new discoveries were made in Nigeria in 1994. Mandarin Garnets from this source exhibit the much desired Fanta orange color so synonymous with this zesty stone! These Nigerian deposits have now too been depleted. Although, there have been recent finds in Madagascar, these stones tend not to display the same desired colors.

Mandarin Garnet remains an extremely rare and valuable gemstone. It is its confidence, brilliance and zest for life that make it such a bright and truly special gem.

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