Philosophy – Essence:
Gems & jewels of the heart

Hangartner’s love and fascination for stones was sparked at a young age by a plain dull gray rock found in the Swiss mountains. When cracked open, the rock’s sparkling and shimmering inside left her mesmerized. The quest to discover what is within a stone was born, to see what worlds are hidden inside, waiting to be explored.

Her personal philosophy is that by using our 5 senses, we can create a meaningful and personal bond with a gem, enabling a profound experience, allowing us to understand more deeply their character, personality and essence.

Some gems, especially cabochons appear like succulent candy. Imagine how a gem would taste if one could eat it. Our Gem Chocolates attempt to cleverly capture this, combining exquisite ingredients with chocolate and complementing spices.

Which sounds reflect which gems? Imagine the sounds of a violin, cello and harp, add a piano and a trombone. If they all play the same piece of music, the impression, merely by virtue of the instrument’s materials and characteristics evoke different sensations.

The same can be said of gems. Tourmaline crystals, their tubular structures resembling bundles of raw spaghetti, are strong powerful stones, in contrast to the sublimely elegant Spinels with their stunning transparency and shine.

If different color nuances are then added, more diverse sensations, are experienced. We could liken this to the difference between enjoying apples and pears versus various types of apples.

If a gem had a scent, how would it smell?
When we compare the sophisticated Imperial Topaz to the vibrant aquatic Paraiba Tourmaline, the sensations we feel are so different, as are the scent possibilities that are imagined. Scents vary when on paper and when on skin, let alone when on the many and various types of skin.

Often gems and jewels, look fabulous in a display, yet when worn by a certain person, they appear almost asleep and do nothing for the wearer. However, on another wearer the gems seem to be fully present, lighting them up.

Philosophy – Essence

Is there a sixth sense?

Hangartner, believes that what is essential in stones is not only visible with the eye but also felt with the heart!

Gems are a very personal experience. How does a gem reflect a personality, can it enhance your different facets? Different life phases and stages? As are we, gems are so diverse.

Hangartner truly blossoms when matching a gem to a person. When the person and their matching gem meet, it is a truly special moment as it seems as if the person blossoms too. She would love to invite you for your personal gem matching experience!

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