Philosophy – Sight:
Gem Art Fusion

Gem Art Fusion is the beautiful and unique result of presenting a gemstone with a painting. Together they form a harmonious relationship, a perfect synergy, their fusion creating a piece to captivate both gem and art lovers.

Essence of Paraiba Tourmaline

This highly energetic combination of hot magenta and fresh turquoise immerses the viewer in a total experience of energy.

The vibrant painting and luminous asscher cut Paraiba Tourmaline create an extraordinarily powerful fusion.


Philosophy – Sight

Essence of Blue Zircon

The liveliness of the painting is reflected in this stunning Cambodian Blue Zircon, with its outstanding brilliance and almost fiery color dispersion.

This stone’s tendency to split white light into the spectral colors is strikingly represented by the strong color patches in the painting.

Essence of Mandarin Garnet

The essence of this uplifting work is expressed by the burst of orange in this Mandarin Garnet.

A punchy symphony is composed when the painting’s dazzling array of intense colors meet the fiery light of the stone.

Essence of Paraiba Tourmaline Cabochon

There is a harmony between the purity of this painting and the smoothness of the Paraiba Tourmaline Cabochon.

The painting’s soft blue hues are perfectly mirrored in the depth of this stone.

Essence of Yellow Beryl

Take a deep look into this Yellow Beryl and discover the impressive similarities in the characteristics between stone and painting.

The intense yellow of the gem is the painting’s principal color and the stone’s radiant facets pick up the dynamic brush work, resulting in a fascinating unity.

Essence of Amethyst

The gentle Amethyst has an almost lavender color; the curve of the stone continues its flow in the delicate painting.

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