What is a Rose Red Tourmaline?
Tourmalines are one of the most colorful gemstone families, found in a wide variety of shades from red to yellow to green to blue. According to the International Colored Gemstone Association, Pink Tourmalines are valued for true color, when it is free of brown tones. Tourmalines are difficult to cut correctly due to the complex crystal structure of the gem. These stones are found in Northern Brazil, Mozambique, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Namibia. Large gems with beautiful facets and true colors are highly valued.

What is special about this stone?
This beautiful stone weighs 21.47 carats and displays a gentle rose red color. The gem is from Mozambique and has been faceted with an uncommon trillion cut, which means the stone has been shaped like a triangle. The uniquely beautiful cut and clear color make this a Doris Hangartner gem.