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Essence : Gems & jewels of the heart

Doris Hangartners love of stones and her fascination for them was sparked at a young age by a rock found in the Swiss mountains. On the outside it looked like a plain gray rock. Cracked open, the now visible sparkling and shimmering insides left her mesmerized. The quest to discover what is within a stone was born. Still today she wonders what worlds are hidden inside these rocks waiting to be explored.

Touch : Feel them

Such a variety of sensations are evoked, imagine the touch of a gentle pearl on your skin, experience the weight and the smooth polish of a Mandarin Garnet cabochon, the intricate carving and waxy texture of Jade and the precise facets of a brilliant Tsavorite Garnet.


Sight : Gem Art Fusion

Gem Art Fusion is the beautiful and unique result of presenting a gemstone with a painting. Together they form a harmonious relationship, a perfect synergy, their fusion creating a piece to captivate both gem and art lovers.

Taste : Delicious Gem Chocolates capturing the taste of gems

Imagine how the taste of a chocolate might represents the character of a gem. How could the gem’s color, consistency and texture be represented by taste? With our selection of handmade swiss pralines listed below we let our imaginations run wild endeavoring to capture the palpable essence of a gem.


Sound : Gem Music

How might a gem sound and how might this sound be expressed? Which tune picks up its character, which melody best expresses its mood? What song comes to mind? Immerse yourself in the universal language of music and sound, hear it speak directly to your emotions and your heart.

Smell : How could we capture the imagined scent of a gem?

How might we describe a gem by only using olfactory comparisons? Which aromas could best represent the color, substance and character of a particular gem?



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